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    Our police career interviews provide helpful advice and insights from successful law enforcement professionals from across the country. Learn about their career paths and their best advice for individuals entering the profession.

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    Law Enforcement Interviews

    Jill Spriggs

    Suzy Ivy

    Suzy Ivy is a police detective who started her career at the age of 45. She is also author of the blog Bad Luck Detective and three books.

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    Joel Shults

    Dr. Joel F. Shults

    Dr. Joel F. Shults is a retired police officer and author of three books including The Badge and the Brain and Is the Line Ready?

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    joe giacalone

    Joseph L. Giacalone

    Joseph Giacalone is a retired detective from the New York Police Department and author of The Criminal Investigative Function.

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    William Terrill

    Johnny Russell

    Johnny Russell is a retired police officer with 30 years of service with the San Diego Police Department. He is also the author of the book First Blood.

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    Karen Kruger, JD

    John Paolucci

    John Paolucci is a retired police officer and forensics expert with the New York Police Department who provides crime scene training.

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    Adam Lankford, PhD

    Paul Huebl

    Paul Huebl, is a former Chicago Police Officer and author of the award winning blog, Crime, Guns, and Videotape. He currently works as a private investigator.

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    Tom Reiner

    Tom Reiner

    Tom Reiner is a member of the Dekalb Fraternal Order of Police in Georgia and has served for over two decades as a police officer.

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    Mark Pryor, JD

    Thomas Gerace

    Thomas Gerace is a police lieutenant and graduate of the FBI National Academy. He has also served in the military and worked as a SWAT operator.

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    Kristen Ziman

    Kristen Ziman

    Kristen Ziman is a Commander with the Aurora Police Department in Illinois and co-founder of the Blue Courage police training course.

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    Additional Police Career Interviews

    Top Police Blogs by the Numbers

    The following blogs by law enforcement professionals offer an inside glimpse into the world of a police officer. Students and police recruits can learn a lot about the daily tasks and challenges of law enforcement by reading the commentary from these authors. The order of appearance is based on third party popularity metrics, number of links, and the age of the blog.

    NumberBlogPage AuthorityLinking SitesMozRankPage RankAge
    1The Law Dog Files591155.4048
    2Cop in the Hood47555.3456
    3Blue Sheepdog49535.1546
    4The Director’s Desk52354.9937
    5Houston Police Department Recruiting38194.8347
    7Did You Know That?4995.7453
    8Discover Policing4995.6744
    9Which End Bites44114.6737
    10Rain Dog Blue48164.6536
    11Improving Police49354.4442
    12Riding in the Squad With Christ3364.0336
    13The Enforcers Notebook3583.5327
    14A Cop’s Watch3753.6434
    15Commander Kristen Ziman34154.1616
    16The Modern Knight3574.524
    17Bright Blue Line37194.3531
    18Walking the Social Media Beat35154.4122

    These blogs are ordered based on third party popularity metrics including Page Authority, Number of Linking Sites (via OpenSiteExplorer.org), MozRank, PageRank, and the number of years the blog has been active.